Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Actively Inactive

YES, this blog is still active!  And I am still active!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I've been busy with Real Life Stuff that's had me drained of a lot of creative drive.  Writing has been slow, but it hasn't been non-existant:

Since the last post here, I've written some non-Challenger Storm stuff: I finished one short story to be published in the (hopefully) near future (more info on it when I can give it), I've completed the rough draft of another short story that (I hope) gets picked up for publication... it's very different from the stuff I've written previously and was a lot of fun.  I've agreed to work on another project that's far enough down the road I really don't have to worry about it yet.  And I've begun work on a dream project that I wouldn't DARE even hint at right now, but trust me: if I can pull this off, it should be a good one.  Just reading my outline notes gets me excited to write it.  And yes, work on Challenger Storm #3 has been continuing, albeit REALLY slowly.

In fact, the branching-out of my writing is making me wonder if I should change this blog from "The Adventures of Challenger Storm" to something more appropriate to all of my writing as a whole.  But what would I change it to?


The web serial will return to this blog soon.  I just wish I could get some feedback on it, since so far I don't know if it's going anywhere good for the readers.  I've considered stopping it, but I don't really want to.

"And what about THE CURSE OF POSEIDON?" you might be asking.  "Shouldn't that be out by now?"  Well, yes it probably should but there have been a few delays that were unavoidable and completely valid.

Those delays are now far behind us.

For the faithful who still have patience and want to see more Challenger Storm, I say this: watch this space, and/or Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr... you will see news soon, I promise, hopefully in a few weeks.

Trust me: Challenger Storm is far from dead, and will not be a One-Shot Wonder.

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