Sunday, October 2, 2011

Deja Vu All Over Again...

For those who came in late...

This is actually the second blog I've used to discuss my writing projects.  I took the first down after I realized there was a lot of information regarding my creations on it that I didn't want out there yet (spoilers, etc).  Plus, much of the details on that blog were outdated and certain aspects of the characters and ideas have since been revised, dropped, or enhanced.

A short history: in 2007 (roughly... the original date has been lost), I decided to finally take friends' and family's advice and actually try to write some of my ideas and concepts.  A longtime fascination with pulp magazines and the adventure of the pulp-era led me to conceive several ideas for characters that I believed could actually fit in with the new pulp-movement.  With the help and feedback of my friends Luis Gabriel Leal, Tom Floyd, Dave Flora, and "The Retropolitan" (and later Manny DeJesus), I was able to streamline the concepts into workable ideas, and thus began working on the first of them: the adventures of Challenger Storm (more info about Storm to come in a later post).

Between work, my continued schooling, and family obligations it took me about 2 years to write the first (of hopefully many more) Challenger Storm novel, "The Isle of Blood".  A few days before Christmas of 2009, I submitted the book to publishers and shortly thereafter it was picked up for publication by Airship 27 Productions, a company whose pulp-works I had been enjoying for some time.  This was the first lifelong dream-come-true that I experienced.

The second came sometime months later, when comic art legend (and my personal favorite artist of all time) Michael Wm. Kaluta signed on to produce the interior and exterior artwork.

The book's release seems to be looming ahead.  I cannot comment on the exact date yet, but I can say it looks like it'll be before the end of the year.  In the meantime, and from that point on, I'm going to try to make this Challenger Storm's home on the internet.  Not sure exactly what will be posted here but I'm open to suggestions, comments, etc.  For those folks new to Challenger Storm, the next post should be a little bit of an introduction to my adventurer.

And to fans new and old: I thank you for your interest.  And welcome aboard The Adventures of Challenger Storm.

PS: The site is still under construction, so you may notice more links added, design changes, etc.  Make sure you wear your hardhat while this period is under way.

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